How to deal with an unfair Will

There are many reasons why a Will might be, or seem to be unfair, including: The Will of the deceased person (Testator) may be old and was not updated to take account of changing personal or financial circumstances. For example, the Testator may have divorced and not... Read More

Dying intestate – the perils of not making a Will

A valid Will determines how your estate is dealt with after you die. Your Will can appoint an appropriate family member or trusted friend to administer your estate (your Executor), nominate guardians for young children, determine who will receive your assets and give... Read More

Making a Will if capacity is in question

It is well known that a Will is a legal document which sets out how a person wants their assets to be distributed once they die. If you are over the age of 18 you can make a Will – provided you have capacity. In general terms a person will have the necessary... Read More

Appointing a Solicitor as Executor of your Will

An executor is a person who will carry out the instructions in your Will once you have passed away. In general, you can appoint any person as executor of your Will, this includes solicitors. It is not uncommon for a solicitor to be appointed executor of a Will. The... Read More