Matthew Fisher

Matthew John Fisher is the owner and Principal Solicitor at Thurlow Fisher Lawyers. Strategically, the firm has been diversified so that it trades under specific niche practices: Thurlows Estate Lawyers, Thurlows Compensation Lawyers and Thurlows Family Lawyers.


Matthew attended Sydney Grammar School and subsequently obtained his Bachelor of Laws after attending Sydney University. He was admitted to practice as a Solicitor in 1980.

In 1983 Matthew commenced employment at the firm which was then known as Thurlow Fisher Owen and in 1986 he became a junior partner with the firm.

Under Matthews’s guidance the firm transitioned into several new areas of Law including, Family Law, Compensation Law and Estate Litigation. Following this transition, the firm prospered and grew strongly entrenching itself with the reputation as being the largest and best firm in the greater Bankstown area.

Overall Experience

Matthew has practised as a Litigation Solicitor for almost 40 years and is extremely experienced in all jurisdictions, developing an extraordinary depth of knowledge over that time.

In addition, he has extensive commercial experience and has been involved in the running and resolution of countless commercial matters.

Matthew who practices principally as a litigation Lawyer has been involved in an extraordinary number of cases over his career to date including Compensation, Motor Accidents, Workers Compensation, Medical Negligence, Probate Cases, Succession Act Claims, Intellectual Property Disputes, Employment Law, Contract and Commercial claims.

Some examples of the extraordinary matters Matthew has been responsible for include:

  • Advising and guiding many high profile rugby league players through the “super league wars”.
  • Advising on the rights of a tenant where the Government required a tenant’s site for the Olympic Games. This case became the leading authority on “implied terms” in Commercial leases.
  • Running an extraordinarily complicated construction argument in the Supreme Court establishing the correct construction of ‘rainy days’ in a building contract.
  • Developing a method to reconstitute Incorporated Associations the control of which had become unclear because of an unclear record keeping centre.
  • Acting on behalf of Jarrod McCracken in his damages claim for a dangerous spear tackle against Marcus Bai and Melbourne Storm.
  • Acting in proceedings for the appointment of a Receiver Manager and establishing the jurisdiction of the courts to interfere with the internal management of churches, religious organisations, associations, clubs and charities.

Specific Estate Experience

Some examples of the estate specific matters Matthew has been responsible for include:

  • Advising and conducting an extraordinarily complicated Family Provision Act claim involving a $60 million dollar estate and establishing the legal concept that a Testator can have more than one household.

These cases are important as they are cases that have successfully conducted and have changed the law. Generally, in a practitioner’s career it would be rare to have one case which changes the law but to have as many cases as the samples highlighted above shows the extraordinary thinking and lateral approach to the law used by Matthew and his extraordinary team of Lawyers.

Under Matthews’s direction the firm has developed its Estate Planning niche and currently holds in excess of ten thousand Wills in Safe Custody!