Olivia Blackham

Olivia Blackam has been working in the law industry for more than thirty years. She has been employed at Thurlow Fisher for more than twenty years. During her time with the firm, she undertook the necessary studies to obtain her conveyancing licence.

In so doing she has become a recognised expert in electronic conveyancing and the use of the PEXA system.

Olivia is extremely experienced in all types of conveyancing.

She recently completed assisting a client in relation to a large unit development.

She has also acted on behalf of clients in relation to a number of very high value conveyances, including the sale of a hotel.

On average, Olivia would convey in excess of two and a half million dollars’ worth of real estate each year.

Olivia is also experienced in Queensland Conveyancing. In addition, she also has considerable conveyancing experience regionally, including areas such as the snowy mountains region.

She is complimented by having experienced support staff, enabling her to give all conveyances the time and attention they require.

Olivia particularly enjoys the area of residential conveyancing and dealing directly with clients and helping them through the process of buying and selling with a caring attitude and sound advice.

Over the years, Olivia has formed warm friendships with many of our clients displaying her caring attitude and sound advice and guidance.